What are the Most Environmental-Friendly Printing Products?

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Historically, the printing industry isn’t the friendliest to the environment.

It involves chemicals, chopping down trees, heavy machinery, and a whole supply chain that pollutes and creates exhaust to feed the modern need for printed media.

But it doesn’t always have to be that way.

There has been a shift in environmental thinking the last 4o or so years, and the printing industry has been changing – albeit slowly.

This is what Wikipedia says about green printing:

Green printing is described as the movement in the printing industry wherein recycling, reusing, and reducing are done to lower the number of resources used for printing and advertising.[1]

This method involves the use of low-VCO (Volatile Organic Chemical) inks, recycled paper, energy-efficient computers and equipment, remanufactured laser toner cartridges and ink cartridges for printers, paperless information dissemination, attempts to educate the public on green printing.[2]

Let’s take a look at some of the printing products you can buy in 2017 that are environmentally-friendly.

Recycled Paper Party Invitations

On the consumer front, party and invitation printing is a common seasonal activity. A specific, strong segment of the general populace will seek out recycled paper for any type of invitations they print. They’ll gladly pay more money, or spend more time to do what is better for the environment.

After doing a quick search I found a few brands offering 100% recycled paper products, such as:

If you as a consumer identify as eco-friendly, or just want to do the right thing, it’s fairly easy to find environmentally friendly products online. A quick Google search will help out, and more brands are apt to espouse their green printing pedigree.

Environmentally-Friendly Interiors

This category applies to both consumers and businesses. Want an epic wall mural in your house or business? Well in some environments that are more sensitive than others, there’s actually new requirements to have PVC-free wallpaper material. In places like hospitals, assisted living facilities, or day-cares, it can be essential to have a chemical-free environment.

Not many companies are offering environmentally-friendly materials for other businesses, but we found a few options.

We wish more business provided environmentally-friendly printing options, but we can’t say that we’ve seen many that have!

Green Interior Designers

Interior designers are a creative, crafty bunch. They also know how to beautifully blend different worlds, bringing the outside in and vice-versa. Upon some research we found some great posts on the subject:

We look forward to the industry changing and going more green. As long printing companies can provide high quality materials to end clients, most of them would also prefer to use less toxic materials that are better for their employees and the environment.

What do you think is the future of the green printing industry?