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Most Environmentally Friendly Businesses of 2017

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I was thinking the other day, what companies are both very successful – being in the Fortune 500 – and also environmentally friendly? Many consultants claim that you must focus on profit maximization at all costs, while other more environmentally sensitive consultants convince us that being green is a competitive advantage. So who’s actually putting their money where their mouth is? We don’t want greenwashing. We want real companies doing real things. Thankfully there are lists from established organizations that can help us out. The EPA’sGreen Power Partnership Fortune 500Ā®…read more


Eco-Friendly Printing: What does it mean in 2017?

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If you’re looking for eco-friendly printing for your business or organization, it may take some investigation to figure out what that really means. Some companies claim to be environmentally friendly in their printing practices, but does that mean from start to finish everything they do is sustainable and eco-friendly? Or just that they use 10% recycled paper? Green Printing & Eco-Friendly Printing Wikipedia definesĀ green printing as this: Green printing is described as the movement in the printing industry wherein recycling, reusing, and reducing are done to lower the number of…read more