The economy is tough for everybody, and in these difficult times the printing industry is seeking strategies for cutting costs, reducing waste, recycling, and much more in the way of efficiencies.

SustainCommWorld and the Graphic Communication Institute at Cal Poly
present the Second Annual Business of Green Media Conference on January 22, 2009. It will be a full-day event concentrating on the current and future impact of environmental and sustainability strategies. The conference, with its focus on lean and sustainable practices, is sure to provide some important insights on these matters that customers of our industry are looking for in the printers, publishers, and vendors that they select.

The launch of the Business of Green Media Conference last year was an overwhelming success. At this year’s conference we will continue with our mission to provide critical information important to our industry.

We’ve brought together experts to give you practical, workable, techniques, examples and tactics you can apply “Monday morning.”

Proven solutions are today’s best path to revenue and profit. This requires careful analysis of operating methods and the application of invention and innovation throughout your workflow. For example, “Triple bottom line accounting” and “life cycle analysis” are two concepts that consistently produce savings while maintaining corporate momentum toward sustainability.